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Great experience each at the game and Texas Stars beTexas Stars fore! Ordered a few items from the merchandise store on-line earlier in the week and I was capable of select the order up earlier than the first p.c. dropped. No waits and no crowded traces. Thanks again to all of the expert staff representing the Texas Stars down in Cedar Park!

What a great manner to get your hockey restoration without breaking the financial institution. The TX Stars are the feeder group for the Dallas Stars so who knows you may be looking the next Jamie Benn.

The HEB middle is a comfy venue to capture a recreation. There is definitely no longer a bad seat inside the residence. I love the truth that it’s family pleasant and the staff goes out of their way to make certain absolutely everyone has a superb time. Parking is free for Stars video games.

We generally score freebie tix however while purchasing a price tag I usually just buy the cheapest and circulate round. There are masses of open seats particularly if you move on a week night while college is in consultation.

Food and beverage alternatives are a plenty. You can order a Miller Lite or a local craft beer. I normally spend a length up pinnacle in one of the cozy bars. It’s on the whole status room however it offers you a brilliant attitude of the on ice motion.

Pro tip: Dress warm even though it is Texas Stars 90 stages out of doors it’s cool/cold inside.

Let the season begin !!! My son and I are going to this night’s game nine.29.18 and I can already let you know we are able to have a blast !!! Friends or circle of relatives, beer and hockey, existence is ideal when you have those combos !!! What an remarkable time for individuals, families or buddies simply hanging out. If you adore hockey you will love this venue. Once you attend a live sport you’ll be hooked. Worthy of a bookmark and worth to come take a look at it out .. GO STARS !!!

Great playoff seats for only $30 !!!

What an terrific time for people, households or pals just putting out. If you adore hockey you will love this venue. There’s not a awful seat within the residence however some have higher views than Texas Stars others. I recognize all people desires to be down via the glass, but the pinnacle middle is the high-quality region to sit down, except of course you’re lucky enough to either have a suite or have connections with a person who does which would be absolutely remarkable !!! Unfortunately, I don’t have either. I have sat at numerous places and feature enjoyed them all. There is a few seats down by the glass wherein the opposite end of the ice is skewed with the aid of the glass so you do not see all the movement but they do have displays around the scoreboard wherein you could watch but it is such a speedy tempo game there returned in view before you understand it. This area has several providers for food from hotdogs to bbq. They also serve adult liquids as properly. As a ways as pricing, the seats are reasonable. Parking is covered inside the ticket so no more deciding to buy parking. Easy in and out access. The group of workers may be very beneficial and very first-class. They usually have provide-a-approaches. You can buy person video games, a package of video games or season tickets. Once you attend a stay game you will be as hooked as I am. Worthy of a bookmark and worth to come back test it out .. GO STARS !!!

GO Stars! Now this is a fun component to do in Cedar Park. I am now a season price tag holder and I am loving it! So, if you are kid-loose it’s miles a laugh to sit down close to the rowdy crowds and heckle the opposite group. They have first rate Texas Stars beers, simply dont go to the normal food lines, visit the carts. Also, meals is ideal however again seek beyond the primary concession. They have smokey mo’s that’s fantastic. If you have children no fear, a variety of human beings carry there children and the youngsters like it and people sincerely do try to be respectful. The personnel is very satisfactory and useful as properly. Sometimes H-E-B offers you a discount for free tickets on wednesday nights and people are cool due to the fact if the Stars win you could get two extra free tickets!So if you need to have a laugh in Cedar Park that is the region to be!

Went to our first stars game! They received and it become splendid. We went as a family myself and my husband our 7 year old and our 1 yr vintage. We all had so much a laugh spent about 4 and a half hours right here and we might no longer exchange a unmarried element.

Checked out the Texas Stars for the first time! We scored discounted tickets Texas Stars thru our son’s Cub Scouts occasion.

We scored seats close to the goalie. The view become best – we may want to see both ends of the rink flawlessly. Seats were comfy too! So glad there was an real pad vs. a flat plastic seat.

The tune at some stage in the breaks were VERY loud and at instances we could not even talk to every Texas Stars different. I’m guessing the loud song appealed to folks who were ingesting…

The meals options were quite appropriate. We opted for Pizza Hut, Popcorn and Cotton Candy. Unfortunately the meals carts only take cash. That turned into disappointing! The pepperoni pizza was quite right!

The workforce changed into excellent and beneficial.

I can truly see us going lower back for more video games and possibly a few live shows in the future.

Thank you for the loose hats!

There is honestly no longer much to do in Cedar Park.  But if you are seeking to do something, cross take a look at out a Stars hockey game on the Cedar Park Center!

The Stars have been pushing a couple promotional nights that make us reminisce on the best vintage days (Back to the Future Night), taught kids that any day you could be a high-quality hero (Super Heroes Night), desired to recognize our nice pals we’ve got in existence (convey your dog to the hockey rink day) to continually assisting and thank your infantrymen for his or her courage and bravado (army appreciation days).

Besides the in sport leisure and the crew itself, the arena has progressed on their food and beverage stations, now serving tastier objects and also have a few candy deals.  Come check out a sport on a Friday night time and attempt the a laugh Friday deals which consist of $three domestic beers and flat bread pizza’s to different candy deals at some point of the night time.

Considering I can not trap my Blackhawks stay, that I wont pay three hundred$ to see the Dallas stars, this is the next nice aspect. They are continually talented and typically win the game. I even have handiest visible loses on ultimate second goals or OT desires. The environment is usually tremendous and there are many promote outs. They normally have a few sort of giveaway, and feature 3$ beer night time frequently. This is surely one in every of my preferred sights approximately Austin besides all the tune. I’ve been to as a minimum 20+ games and feature enjoyed they all and I stay up for going to many greater

Hockey brings out the bloodlust in us all!  Where else are you able to yell “fuck you ref!” or cheer on combating players and it be socially ideal?  The crowd is first rate and the little video games/contests all through the sport are hilarious and actually fun without being too cheese-ball.

We had SUCH a Texas Stars good time at the Texas Stars recreation!  We’re seriously thinking about getting season tickets- we’re no longer even real hockey Texas Stars humans!

-1 star for most effective one fight at some stage in the game and wayyy high-priced dranks.

An awesome venue this is massive, but no longer too large to wherein you sense disconnected from the motion. The layout became proper and it didn’t seem to have a awful seat within the residence. The seats, at the least close to the glass appeared a little slender, and in case you had a larger person subsequent to you you’ll likely be pretty squished. The companies could also use a big help within the beer department, no longer a unmarried craft or neighborhood brew, not anything but country wide brands. Those are certainly the most effective two drawbacks I noticed/skilled, so apart from that the location was high-quality.

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